Project Description

TomoTherapy Room

MJI Company was contracted to oversee construction and make complete renovations of the new state-of-the-art TomoTherapy® center.

  • Budgeting, Value Engineering, Scheduling
  • Subcontractor Bids/Contracts
  • Managed all aspects of construction
  • Demolition, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Safety, Structural Services (Complete Renovations)
  • Extensive Dust-Control & Patient Isolation
  • Installed 8 layers of ½ inch steel plating on interior of walls for anti-radiation purposes.
  • Installed 22,000 lb. sliding door (to prohibit radiation from escaping room.
  • Removed and Replaced over 200 cubic feet of concrete from project location which was over 400 feet from any hospital access.
  • Provide Support For TomoTherapy® Team